Sometimes when the system is recently updated, it is possible the browser has not updated the scripts. Follow the instructions below to update.

If you're using Chrome:

  • Open up your browser and go to Docflock 
  • Press these three keys together: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. This will bring up the 'clear browsing data' menu. 
  • You only need to check 'Cached images and files'. And clear the browsing data 
  • Refresh DocFlock and try to upload a document via the search screen again 

If you're using internet explorer, the instructions are similar:

  • IE's menu button at the top right (it's a gear icon) 
  • General tab 
  • Under browsing history, click 'Delete', and ensure that 'Temporary internet files and websites' is checked. You may uncheck 'Cookies and websites' and 'History'. 
  • Refresh DocFlock