Users are able monitor the document’s interactions with other users through the custody trackers on the right side panel. There are two ways to go about viewing the history of the document: patient look up and document look up.

To view document history through document look up:

  • Select the "Document" tab
  • Type any form of identifier into the search bar
  • Press enter


  • Select the "View" button on the document of interest

To view document history through patient look up:

  • Select the "Search" tab
  • Type patient’s information in 1 or all of the 4 fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday) under Records Request.  
  • Click the magnifying glass to search  


  • Select the "Edit Patient" button under the "Actions" column


  • All documents belonging to the patient will be listed below in the "Matching Patient Documents" window


  • Choose the document of interest and click the "View" button under the "Action" category
Both ways lead to the readable document screen: