Within the document page, users have the option to assign, write comments and share with others within their customer group or forward outbound when viewing the document. Users are also able monitor the document’s interactions with other users through the custody trackers on the right side panel.


View document screen:


To actionized the document, go the last column on the right, and click on the drop-down list next to the view button. The list gives you several different actions that can be performed once selected.

Action Dropdown items:

  • Download document – Allow users to download the selected document onto their computer or server.
  • Complete – Document is completed and saved.
  • Share – Allows others outside the customer account to edit the file.
  • Forward – Allows others to read the file inside the circle.
  • Assign – Assigns the document to other account users.
  • In Progress – Documents will remain in-progress until the document is saved or completed.

Documents can be uploaded or created through the Document page. At the very top of this document section, there are two icons: upload and create. Upload allows users to upload a pre-existing document to the database; whereas create allows users to create specific documents and store it database.



To upload a document:

  • Select the "upload" icon and a file upload window should pop up
  • Select or drag and drop the document file into the window
  • Click the "Save" button when done

Once the file is uploaded it will display in the document page


To create a document:

  • Select the "plus sign" button to create
  • Select the document type


  • Select the "Save" button

Once the file is created it will display in the document page