Top- Level Customer Accounts (Supervisor)

Top-level customer accounts are the supervisor organizational units to other subordinate customer accounts. Within each customer account there are users who have specific permission based on their role within the organization. Generally, if a customer account wants to be top-level, then a request for XYZ company to be the subordinate is made to the administrator whereas users are invited via email. Top-level customer accounts have access to all subordinate customer accounts and their extended subordinate customer accounts.

Subordinate Customer Accounts

Another organizational unit with users; subordinate customer accounts may also have subordinate customer accounts within them. This account does not have access to top-level customer account information.


In order for an account to be a supervisor, the account role must have "Supervisor" role. To modify the role, follow these instructions: Once the supervisor role is given, the account may now add subordinates. 

To add subordinate(s):

  • Go to the "Settings" tab  
  • Select the "Account" tab  
  • Under Subordinate Customers add the subordinate account(s) 
  • Click the "Save" button