The “Dashboard” is broken down into 3 segments about the customer account. First segment, project reports and charts. By default, Docflock provides 4 main reporting charts: New Referrals, New Fax Pages, New Documents, New Patients. Additionally, any customized reporting can be added on to the dashboard page via request. Can it get any better than this? Yes, yes, it can! Each report can be filtered to display specific items simply by toggling the legend with one click. In the second segment lies a visual of the last 5 recent documents that were uploaded, modified, created in the document database; and in the third segment, a visual of the last 5 recent referrals. As you can see, the last two segments primarily focus on recent activities. The beauty of the three segments within the Dashboard page is that it simply allows users to know current statuses and activities right away when they log into DocFlock. 

 The 4 Main Reporting:

Additional Reporting:

Recent Documents:

To learn more on how to execute a specific task, click on the following provided links below: