Tracking your Referrals


The Referrals Tracking screen allows you to process incoming referrals from other providers, and to also monitor the progress of the referrals you send to others. 


Received Referrals:

This screen allows you to do several things:

      1. Stay up to date and monitor incoming referrals.

      2. View the documents attached with each referral.

      3. Take action with each referral: View, Schedule, Import Data or Reject.

NOTE: IF for any reason, you decide to “Reject” a referral, a pop up window will appear allowing you an opportunity to explain the rejection.




Sent Referrals:

This screen allows you to:

      1. View a searchable list of referrals that you have sent

      2. Track the status of that referral as it is updated by the recipient of that referral.

      3. View the documents associated with the referral and the recipients of that particular referral.

NOTE: If you have sent the same information to multiple recipients, you will be able to track who has received the information, by clicking on the “View” button under the “Documents” column.