The Access Denied message occurs only in Internet Explorer if the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on Windows. Acrobat Reader installs an add-on for Internet Explorer although the browser has an implemented PDF reader capability. 

There are two solutions:

1) Temporary:

The user confirms the error message by clicking the “OK” button. The PDF viewer works as expected. But next time the user selects the menu option “Documents” or simply refreshes the page, the error message is back.

2) Permanent:

The user disables the Acrobat Reader add-on in Internet Explorer by following the steps:

> Top-right corner in Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon (Tools)

> Select from the options menu “Manage Add-ons” opens the add-on window.

> Left side in “Add-on Types” select “Toolbars and Extensions”

> Right side highlight the “Acrobat PDF Reader”

> Bottom-right corner click the button “Disable”

> Click button “Close” to close the window “Manage Add-ons”

> No restart of Internet Explorer is necessary