Version 1.8 Release Notes

Docflock Release Notes

Version 1.8


The following is an outlined list of the enhancements and bug fixes addressed in Version 1.8.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through the support site at


  1. Supervisory Accounts: In the event that an account holder has multiple accounts with docflock, the user now has the ability to elect to have one set of credentials to access two or more accounts as an Administrator. This allows the Administrator to more easily monitor ongoing activity between all accounts.
  2. Delete Pages Within an Uploaded Document:  Prior to this release, docflock has not had the ability to delete any portion of a document without removing it entirely.  Now, by “Right- Clicking” inside the desired document, in the Document Viewer, a user is able to delete one or more pages of the document.
  3. Fax Forward Multiple Documents: Provided that the documents are assigned to the same patient, users will now be able to fax simultaneously multiple documents to the same fax number. This prevents users from having to search and find each relevant document and fax them individually to the intended recipient.  



    After selecting “Fax Forward” on one of the documents to be faxed, select the box labeled “Send multiple documents?”.  Any documents related to that specific patient will appear below for the user to select and include in the outbound fax. 
  4. Creation of a “Read” Status: This release includes a “Read” status for both the Document and the Comments fields.  This update is automatic after a user logs in and views the new document.  The status will update automatically notifying the sender and all other relevant parties that the document has been viewed by its recipient.
  5. Edit/Create Patient Screen: Patient information routinely changes, and now docflock has created a new screen that allows users to edit existing patient’s demographics or to create an entirely new patient.  



    From inside the Records Tab, a new button featuring a “plus sign” has been added.  By clicking this button a user is now able to create an entirely new patient to docflock.   If you wish to edit an existing patient, find the patient using the search tool. Once you search for the patient, you will see a new action button.  


    Click on the magnifying glass to edit the patient’s demographic information.


  7. Additional Fields for Document Export: In Version 1.7 docflock released the “Export Document” feature.  In this release, Version 1.8, we have expanded the fields included in the export feature to include additional information that might be needed for reporting purposes.  Some of these fields include, who the document was shared with, or faxed to, who send the document to you, Insurance information etc.
  8. Mobile Friendly Viewer: This release also includes a more user friendly mobile experience for those users who wish to access/manage their docflock accounts from their mobile devices. 



Bug Fixes:

  1. Email Link on Referral Notifications: Several users reported that the link included in the email sent to users notifying them of a referral was not consistently working. This issue has been fixed with this release. 
  2. Fax Status History on Document Detail View: In the bottom right hand corner of your screen inside the Document Detail View, a user is able to see the fax history of the specific document being viewed.  This was not consistently working, but has been resolved with this release.
  3. Time Zone Issues on Document View: As documents are received or loaded into docflock the time is recorded.  Users noted that the time was not always accurate on their screens.  This release should fix any issues with the translation of time zones into the users local area.
  4. Referral Physician Drop-Down Fix: Users are once again able to see the list of contacts inside their network by clicking on the drop down arrow when they go to Forward a document or generate a referral. 


Version 1.8 also addressed smaller various bug issues that may not have been as noticeable from the User, but will overall improve the experience while using docflock.  If you have any questions about the content in these release notes, please visit and create a Support Ticket and someone will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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